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MAKO SHARK is equipped to handle all phases in the design and manufacture process:

  • 3D design

  • FEM analysis

  • Model building

  • Moulding (low and high pressure), RTM and wrapping technologies

  • Five-axial or water-jet mill cutting

  • Varnishing

  • 3D testing.

MAKO SHARK also has a laboratory for chemical and mechanical testing to ensure the highest quality standards for raw materials and finished products.

The laboratory is equipped with:

Shaft, muffle, furnace and thermostatic plate for fire-resistance and high-temperature testing; dynamometer, press and analytic scales for mechanical and physical testing of materials. The 50 KN dynamometer has the software, equipment and instrumentation required for load and modulus traction testing, flexion, compression, cutting, adhesion testing etc.

Testing new materials:
Numerous impregnated tissue samples are manufactured until the best match for the application is found.